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i really do prefer subtle hints

everytime you say my name, i imagine running a razor over your fucking tongue
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so true
oh yea. i do see you everywhere. i know mryon from swimming. uhh.. actually, didnt you come to the off minor show in summerville along time ago? oh... here.

dec. 17th
-City of Caterpillar
-blue eyed boy mister death
dec. 26th
-Cowboys Became Folk Heroes
-The Setup
-The Silent Antham

All Books Coffee Shop. Summerville, SC.

Sorry, I had too...


January 16 2003, 16:39:37 UTC 15 years ago

i think that i happened upon your site through moc, because of that wonderful picture you have up. i think you are the only girl in columbia that listens to orchid and admits it. i think that you are missing out on mastodon tonight.
hahaha, well sadly enough i was sick..have i talked to you before?

"what's wrong with us?"
i thought i'd tell you about a patch i saw the other day

"Cheer up emo kids"
Man.. \: (!)
hey, found your journal on my random trek through livejournals, and i just wanted to let you know that you seem really cool and if you have time it'd be swell for you to visit my journal.


March 24 2003, 09:53:03 UTC 15 years ago

Just wanted to give you a beep beep maybe even a toot toot....
hahaha, <3!

i've added you to my list of friends on live journal...hope you don't mind...
i added you =)
nice journal ;] i added you if you don't mind. come check me out sometime.

ph yea, i'll be going to school in columbia this fall.

randomly going through journals and found yours.

do you mind if i add you?

i'm probably not as COOL as someone like you, but puh-lease? :P
hahaha, pshhh! i added you =)
i've added you -
add me back ?
possibly moving to columbia in the fall so i'm adding you.
it would be nice to know people with similar interests BEFORE i move :)
hi poopy.
i need new journals to read.
so i choose you! *added*

add me?

xojen <3
i came across your journal just by putting emosucks in the search. It seems like everyone on the LJ is EMO. You have got to check out MRSCONOROBERST. Have a laugh. SHE IS HOT!!!!!
Peace and WAY LATE!
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