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i really do prefer subtle hints

everytime you say my name, i imagine running a razor over your fucking tongue
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February 22 2004, 05:48:49 UTC 13 years ago

hey, i found your journal while searching around on livejournal.
you seem cool.
add me?
Well aren't you popular, I should of made the name of my journal emosucks. Thats how I found you... and obviously so did everyone else. Just to go against the trends i'm not going to add you, my friends list is full of emo fags and it's not like you ever update.
i would hate you for stealing a perfectly good username...but i think i like you anyway. you're not a rabid fourteen year old who loves horrid bands and chose your username to be "ironic". ..instead you have rainer maria, karate, ted leo, elliot smith, wilco, aseop rock (!!), etcetera listed.. and you were actually born in 84. cheers. ;)

ps-i'm terribly sorry for pointing out the obvious!


July 22 2004, 08:39:57 UTC 13 years ago

Join ____omfgimscene
silly emo icons.
i'm adding you, i saw you on MOC, add me back?


September 23 2004, 21:37:32 UTC 12 years ago

Sara is the first and only girl i've kissed that's made me realize that i'm already dead and make it feel right. i love you now and forever and please let me hold you until the end of time...
yr humble admirer,
now and forever
another blah blah commenting like all the rest, but you do seem sweet so i want to add you. sound ok?
Hay i added u
please +?
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